As your membership grows, your daily to-do list gets bigger and bigger... and bigger.

Membership Support helps you easily delegate vital membership administration to a team of experienced membership experts. It’s smart outsourcing without the hassle of hiring, training and managing teams.

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What you wish you were doing everyday...

  • Filming amazing new member content
  • Planning a profitable member promotion
  • Finally conquering Facebook live
  • Writing that blog post that's been on your mind for a month

What you're actually doing everyday...

  • Answering constant customer service tickets
  • Handling member cancellations and changes
  • Creating and sending your weekly newsletter
  • So much random admin...

You've no time left in the day for things that you should (must) do to promote your membership, get new members & engage with the ones you already have. 

Bad news...

...over time with no focus on income producing activities, your membership could (and probably will) start to decline.

You know you need to get some help. 
But it's not so easy.

Hi, I'm Kat - membership systems expert and owner of Your Online Team, an operations management agency just for membership businesses.

And I get it. Back in 2015, I was drowning in the day-to-day of my membership and needed help ASAP.

I hired my first VA. Her name was Jane and she was from the Philippines.

But I didn’t really know what to do with my shiny, new Virtual Assistant and struggled to ever delegate anything of use. 

membership administration expert
  • It seemed like such hard work to teach her all the things I was doing (and every time I tried it didn't go well)
  • PLUS her English wasn't great so she couldn't help me with my customers (my main time-suck)
  • AND I had no idea how to bring her up to speed quickly and no time to spend training 

Hiring a team has its complications. And it takes a lot of time and effort. 

Having a team member not doing much was like a little stress on me every day.

I had no idea how to utilise her properly and I had NO TIME to spend on proper training.

She was basically getting paid to do nothing. Great for her, not so great for me.

Eventually I let her go to save money and didn’t even really notice she was gone. Chalk one up for failed outsourcing by me. 

It took a long time for me to try again. And it's taken YEARS of trial and error with my own team to get the mix right. 

Now, my team are KICK-ASS, our business is super systematised and my core team help me grow my business every day. 

I took 7 whole weeks off when I had my most recent baby and the business grew while I was gone. Yay.

Now, I don't have to do my business admin anymore but I still remember how much I hated it. 

If only there were a way to outsource the day-to-day membership admin without having to spend loads of time sourcing, hiring, training, AND managing team...

You want to be able to outsource but you don't have the time. 

You KNOW you need to stay consistent with your membership admin (the growth of your membership depends on it) but it seems to be all you ever do and it's dragging you down! 

There MUST be an easier way.

There is.

My team can help you shortcut the whole process. We make it easy for you to quickly outsource your vitally important, member retaining tasks without compromising the integrity of your membership. 

We make it easy, and fast to get out of the weeds of your membership.

No team hiring. No team training. 

Slash your to-do list with:


by Your Online Team

The fastest, safest, and easiest way to outsource the most vital (member retaining) membership administration. Your customer support.

Daily Customer Care

Never answer a basic customer question ever again. Our trained team will answer your customer support tickets once daily (in perfect english, exactly as you would!)

Customer Response Library

Our team will delve into your support archives and create customer question response templates for your membership. Ensuring our team answer your tickets accurately.

Stress Free Escalation System

We know that you will still need to answer some customer questions, we have a system to help you do that (without it getting overwhelming for you). 

Retention Focused Newsletter

And just because we can. We'll write and send your member newsletter each and every week. A vital retention strategy and one that many either skip completely or do sporadically. 

Our experienced team of membership service experts will swoop in and slash your daily to-do list. Our service is simple and massively effective. 

Karyn Parkinson

Unstoppable eCommerce

“I’ve tried outsourcing in the past but always found training VA's took more time than me just doing the tasks myself. This service was a was the best thing our business has ever done to allow us to grow. ”

We take care of your customer support, so you can take care of your business. 

In the beginning - answering customer support questions personally can make a lot of sense. It helps develop a connection with your members and alerts you immediately to any fatal flaws with your systems. 

But over time, as your membership grows (answering all of those emails takes up more and more of your day) you become distracted by admin and spend less time promoting your business and nurturing those members. 

Ultimately slowing your growth.

I know your worries about outsourcing your customer service. Your members ARE your business. And let's be real. You can't just hand your valuable customers over to just anyone. That's a disaster waiting to happen.

The solution? You hire a Virtual Assistant and soon discover that their english isn't great or they just don't do things the way you do.

Or you spend so much time training your VA that it feels as if you might as well just go back to answering customer service questions yourself! It sounded easy in theory...

You can't keep answering countless support questions yourself (not if you want to grow your membership). 

There is a better way, which is why we created Membership Support. 

I'm here to tell you that you CAN safely outsource your customer service without spending loads of time training a team and needing to watch their every move. Hallelujah.

Kat jarman

Your Online Team 

Our Happy Customers Say...

I would never go back to doing it all myself...

It has been a relief to work with a team who have extensive membership experience and careful understanding of the support that I needed the most. Having this support has allowed me to focus on business growth and we have grown 150% in our time together!

KATIE WARDROBE  //  Midnight Music


Our workload decreased & our membership grew by 45%!

it was just so amazing to have Your Online Team to help us. And to come in with this wealth of experience. It was like, oh, we don't have to do it by ourselves anymore. Our wish list of outsourcing tasks is down by 75% and because we have more time to work on the things that matter, our membership is UP by 45%.

EMMA & CARLA  //  Merry Body

We handle your membership admin, so you don't have to.

How our Membership Support service works

Membership Support provides YOU with immediate relief from two of the most time consuming (and most essential) admin support tasks involved in running a membership business: Your customer service and your weekly newsletter.

  1. 1
    WE CREATE your custom Membership Support Manual (it's our secret sauce, details below) which becomes your ultimate customer service guide completely customised for your specific way of supporting customers in your membership. It's yours to keep. Without this, you simply cannot outsource customer service. 
  2. 2
    WE HANDLE your Customer Support at least once daily, Monday to Friday, using your Membership Support Manual and our escalation process designed to make sure even the trickiest question gets a timely and accurate response.  
  3. 3
    OUR TEAM write and send your Weekly Newsletter each and every week using engaging templates designed to get your members to click the links and log into your community. 
  4. 4
    YOU BREATHE a sigh of relief, confident that your customers are being taken care of and you now have time to get on with building the membership of your dreams.

Get back to the high level profit-making tasks you should be spending your time on.

Let's explore the Support Manual

Our secret sauce. The first & most essential step in our process

Your ultimate Customer Care Guide

This manual is our secret sauce. It's what makes our service so unique.

It's how we can go into your business and treat your customers how you want us to. Without this, you may as well get any random person to answer your customer support tickets (and have fun training them). 

We need to get to know your business so we can tailor our approach to suit your customers. This is how we do that. 

Custom response library specific to YOUR business

We create (and continue to update during our time together) a customer response library of relevant answers to your customers questions. Allowing our team to respond to your customers questions correctly and in language that fits you and your brand.

This library will grow over time and become a valuable tool for your future team. 

Use to train future team members

Your Membership Support Manual becomes an essential tool for future team members. 

Paired with our SOP Library (see below) you will have the tools you need to familiarise new staff with your brand and get them up to speed quickly. 

BONUS: SOP Library

We hope you never leave us but if you do, we like to part ways with a gift. Our ever so useful Standard Operating Procedure library.

Containing our Master SOP Library spreadsheet and SOP template PLUS we will throw in our "How to create a member newsletter SOP" & "How to create and update canned email response library SOP" meaning your new (sniff, sob) customer service team can get up and running that much quicker. 

Our first month together looks like...

1 & 2
Create Support Manual

We work together to create a kick-butt support manual.

from Week
Handle Customer Support

We officially take over your customer support. Yay!  

From week
Add in Member Newsletter

We create & send the first (of many) member newsletters!

We manage your inbox, you grow your biz! 

Who Membership Support Is For

  • If you are spending hours per day answering support tickets and getting nothing else done. You need Membership Support.  
  • If your inbox is overflowing and you're not keeping up and might just give up.  You need Membership Support.  
  • If you have 50+ members and no team (and are ready to get help) but you have no idea where to begin. You need Membership Support.
  • If you understand that outsourcing the day-to-day of your business to a trusted team is the only way to grow. You need Membership Support.  

Who Membership Support Is NOT For

  • If your membership is brand new, say under 50 members, it's probably not quite time for us to jump in. (but see you soon!)
  • If you already have an existing support team, you may not need this specific membership support service. But you landed on this page for a reason - Book a call and we can chat about your options. 
  • If you can't ever imagine someone being able to support your customers to your satisfaction and will struggle to just.let.go we probably aren't a fit. We've got your back, but only if you let us!

You could keep doing ALL the admin. Or get Membership Support. 

We know memberships & we know systems

We know exactly what systems you need most in your membership - and how to make it happen.

I'm Kat from Your Online Team. We've supported many membership owners helping them remove themselves from the day-to-day of their business. We would love to do the same for you. 

Kat Jarman (Membership Support Expert)

Membership Support: Your Investment





  • Dedicated Specialist Customer Care VA - plus backup VA who knows your business and can jump in when needed
  • Custom Membership Support Playbook
  • Up to 10 hours support per week - covering cancellations, login & tech issues, adding/removing members from groups, returning members, refunds (optional), payment recovery, member win-back campaigns
  • Weekly Status Report - engagement, new members, retention, churn, payment recovery & kudos
  • Monthly VA Performance Review to ensure 5 star service (conducted internally by our Team Leader)
  • Membership Scorecard
  • Weekly Quality Control Audit (conducted internally by our Team Leader)

$997 to join then just $599/month

1499 / mo        
  • Dedicated Specialist Customer Care VA - plus backup VA who knows your business and can jump in when needed
  • Custom Membership Support Playbook
  • Up to 25 hours support per week - covering cancellations, login & tech issues, adding/removing members from groups, returning members, refunds (optional), payment recovery, member win-back campaigns
  • Weekly Status Report - engagement, new members, retention, churn, payment recovery & kudos
  • Weekly VA Performance Review to ensure 5 star service (conducted internally by our Team Leader)
  • Membership Scorecard
  • Weekly Quality Control Audit (conducted internally by our Team Leader)
  • Weekly Member Nurture Email - delivered to you 48 hours in advance for approval
  • Monthly 1:1 Growth Strategy call with Kat - valued at $1997
  • Subscription to Membership Masters Monthly Marketing Calendar - valued at $99 

$997 to join then just $1499/month

Get COST EFFECTIVE, high quality support without having to manage it yourself! 

This service is a no-brainer for busy membership owners. The best customer support without the hassle of hiring, training and managing your support team. 

  • No hiring: our service will be up and running way before you've found and hired your own VA.
  • No training: our team is already trained in providing outstanding customer support. 
  • No managing: I'll manage the team, you get on with more important (business growing) things. 

Your Online Team is different from
other Virtual Support agencies

  • We are NOT a large cookie cutter virtual agency. We are a small team of well-trained administrative professionals who value our customers and our quality of service. 
  • We KNOW memberships intimately. In fact, Your Online Team founder Kat Jarman has run memberships and worked with many others. We get what annoys you and the struggles that you face. Luckily for you we are extremely good at those tedious admin tasks! 
  • We are NOT one size fits all. In fact, our initial setup process (where we work with you to create your Membership Support Manual) is all about us understanding the nuances of your membership and establishing exactly how you want us to treat your members.   
  • We set you up for the future. We hope you stay with us forever but when you're ready to build a team of your own, you take your Membership Support Manual with you. A massive head start in training your future customer support team. far the best decision we've made...

Having YOT on my team gave us a lot more time to focus on our 'big picture' goals - something we never thought possible before. Working with YOT is by far the best decision we've made in terms of keeping our business growing!

If you are looking for people who care about your business productivity, big picture goals, and are fun to work with, Your Online Team is exactly who you need!

PAUL KIRKHAM  //  Amino Active

If I could have done this years ago when I started, I would have done this from day one.

I'm feeling more organized and my head is clear. I'm confident and I'm working on things that actually matter in the business so that I can get more revenue. And I mean, I'm on track for six figures with my membership. 

STEVE MASTROIANNI  //  Rockstar Mind

Don't wait to get help until you're burned out and dreading Monday. 

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