Operational Membership Audit


  • Ever felt like the day-to-day grind of your membership business is slowing down your growth?
  • Ever wondered what happens when your key person - that one in your business that knows everything - leaves? 
  • Ever felt frustrated that your visions just stay in your head and never become reality? 

We have the solution.  A high impact - 75 minute - operational audit of your membership business operations, goals and team.  

We'll explore four key areas of your membership business - team, systems, project management and day-to-day operations - and uncover where the roadblocks and inefficiencies are. Then we map out a plan for moving forward. 

THE GOAL is to help you get clear on what needs to happen within your business in order to;

  • Free you from the day-to-day membership business operations 
  • Protect you against team turnover
  • Get those dream projects out of your head and make them a reality

Permission to free yourself from the day-to-day running of your membership business

One of our clients has a post-it-note on his desk.

It says "What Would Candace Do?"

He uses it to remind himself not to stray too far from his zone-of-genius. 

Online Business Manager

Like most of our clients, he knows that his time is best spent in the creative (membership building) zone and not on admin, project or team management. 

But he has just a small team and he doesn't really know how to hand things over to them OR how to make them see his vision.  

He has big dreams and plans but nothing moves forward as fast as he would like. He often slips back into admin mode, just because he doesn't know what else to do. 

Enter the Online Business Manager. 

Like Candace. She's been an OBM of eight years and is a unicorn of the operational world, specialising in implementing the structure and systems that you dream of in order to scale. 

Book a Membership Business Audit with one of our membership specialists and you won't be disappointed. 


Having them on my team gave us a lot more time to focus on our 'big picture' goals - something we never thought possible before. Working with YOT is by far the best decision we've made in terms of keeping our business growing!

Paul Kirkham , CEO - Amino Active


  • A thorough 75 minute call with one of our highly skilled Membership Business Managers
  • The chance to take a deep dive into the operations of your membership business. We'll explore what's working and what isn't, no stone will be left un-turned.
  • A fully customized 90 Day Operational Action Plan delivered to you within 5 business days of your session. 
  • Two weeks of email support following the delivery of your 90 Day Operational Action Plan.
  • We'll explore opportunities for us to continue to work together to support the implementation of your action plan.

Prepare to explore possibilities for your business that you've perhaps never considered before!

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"They rapidly became an indispensable part of my business

"It has been a relief to work with someone who has extensive online business experience and a deep understanding of how the online "world" works.

I can highly recommend Your Online Team to any online business owner wanting to move their business forward."

Katie Wardrobe - Midnight Music

.. and have allowed me to focus on what I do best!"

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If you're looking for a kick-ass team of digital business professionals to optimize and scale your online business and profits, look no further...Kat Jarman and her team know how online businesses should be run and will take the day-to-day workload off YOUR back so can stop working in your business and start working ON your business. After knowing and working with Kat for 7+ years she is one of the few people I'd recommend without hesitation.

Derek Gehl - CEO

"They rapidly became an indispensable part of my business"


"Kat has overseen 3 major promotional campaigns for my paid online membership community including a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, a back-to-school sale and the re-launch of my online community. She also took a leading role in the move of my online membership to a completely new platform. The results of these campaigns speak for themselves. As a result of the promotions, the Midnight Music Community has grown by 150% resulting in a substantial increase in recurring monthly revenue. It has been a relief to work with someone who has had extensive experience with online business and a deep understanding of how the online “world” works. She is equally comfortable communicating with web designers, virtual assistants and other contractors as she is with setting up sales pages, writing email campaigns and tracking performance metrics."

Katie Wardrobe - CEO - Midnight Music

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