Why Your Online Team NEEDS a Project Management Tool to Thrive

April 28, 2020

The never-ending to-do list seems to be a staple of any business owner today.

But what happens when you need to distribute those tasks to your online team efficiently and effectively? 

If you are running an online business and do not have a reliable project management tool set up, chances are your team is lost in a slew of emails, slack messages, and missed deadlines. 

Imagine being able to delegate any task and knowing precisely the stage of completion without having to follow up every step of the way?

A project management tool is a staple for an online business. It streamlines the organization of projects, communication, and deadlines all in one place.

What is a Project Management Tool?


A project management tool is a resource that organizes your ongoing and future projects, keeps track of deadlines, and allows you to see who is doing what, when. It is the central hub of your online business. It is also the home base of the constant game of “tag” played between employees.

Things you can expect to see when using a project management tool:

  • What is being done?
  • Where are your priorities for this week?
  • What has been taken care of?
  • How is your team doing on their tasks?
  • What tasks need your feedback? 
  • What is coming up?

A project management tool is hugely beneficial in supporting your business not only now, but also as you continue to grow and scale. 

With a project management tool, you can expect to feel clarity on what’s happening in your business. Without it, you’re spending too much time going back and forth on what is completed and what still needs attention.  

The initial setup can take time, but having efficient, reliable tools in place will only save you time in the future. 

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What Project Management Tool Do We Suggest? 


Within our business, we use Asana. It’s free, user-friendly, and efficient. We highly recommend it; however, there are some other great paid project management tools that you may want to check out, such as Mondays, Teamwork, and Basecamp.

In Asana, you can set up different teams according to the different areas of your business, such as Marketing, Administration, and Finance. 

In each team, you can then set up projects and tasks according to deadlines that occur monthly, weekly, or once.

You can create templates for any project. Each time that project arises, all you need to do is copy the saved template and delegate the tasks to the right team member.

While setting up these projects does take more time in the beginning, it will save you time exponentially once it is in place. 

Asana allows you to break each project down into specific tasks. Once assigned to a team member, they can mark each task complete as they go, thus allowing you to see the progress. 

The beautiful thing about Asana is that you can also integrate it with your other team tools such as:

  • A time tracker (to track where the hours are going)
  • Slack (for team communication)
  • Google Drive (to share files)
  • Google Calendar (never miss a meeting again)

Does Your Business Need Help Setting Up YOUR Tools?

A reliable project management tool is a necessity for an online business. If you are ready to stop stressing about what is getting done in your business, it is crucial to take the time and set up an efficient and effective system. 

We can help you set up tools for your team, personalized to your business. 

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