Our 3-Step Guide to Creating Productive and Efficient Remote Team Communication

April 28, 2020

From team members in the United States to Australia to Europe, virtual teams are the norm in online business.

When running an online business, coordinating effective team communication when your team is all over the globe can become a challenging feat. 

Yet creating a close-knit team and unique work culture is vital for a successful, thriving online business. When your staff feels like they are a part of a family, they will naturally work harder to support your vision. 

So what can you do?

The core of creating a team culture in your virtual business is through processes and systems that support team communication. 

At Your Online Team, we have set up these systems with the goal of communicating like an in-person team, so we are still able to form stable relationships with each other.  

Here are three steps that will help you optimise team communication in your virtual business:

Step 1: Have Weekly Team Meetings


The first thing we recommend is to have weekly team meetings face to face, via Zoom. 

This meeting lets your team see each other face to face, catch up about the previous week, and ask any questions they might have. It also allows you to see where your team is at each week and answer any questions they have. 

You can set weekly focuses for your team and gain clarity about what is going on in your business. 

It is essential for your team and you to be on the same page every step of the way.

Step 2: Have Water Cooler Channels


Water Cooler Channels are one of our favorites! And if you listened to my podcast with James Schramko, you’ll have heard me talking about how much I appreciate these.  

These channels allow your team to talk about their lives and non-work related things—this a specified channel in your communication tools so that it will stay separate from work-related information. 

In Your Online Team, we have a Voxer and Slack Water Cooler channel. On Fridays, we host “Fun Friday.” We send in questions that everyone in the team can answer so we get to know each other better on a more personal level. 

These channels are one of our favorite ways to keep team morale up while creating a unique team culture.

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Step 3: Have a Non-Writing Communication Tool


Your team does not want to write a novel any time an issue arises. 

Sometimes, it can be hard to write out what needs to be said, and that can discourage communication. By providing other methods of communication that don’t involve writing, you are making it more convenient for your team AND you.  

Speech communication tools such as Voxer or Marco Polo make it easy to communicate stories or long messages without the hassle. 

You can record your voice or a quick video of yourself when it is hard to write out what needs to be said. It saves time for your team and you when dealing with long conversations. 

We love using Voxer for our daily check-ins!

Is Your Team Lacking Efficient Communication?

When running an online team, it is easy to let the workplace culture slip through the cracks. When your team is all around the world, it can be extremely difficult to build effective communication channels. 

A team functions better together when they feel like they are part of a close-knit, thriving business. 

To have reliable communication about work-related things, it is also essential to have a non-work related communication outlet for your team members. 


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If you are ready to implement dependable communication systems in your business, contact us now to see how we can support you!

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