Case Study: "My head is clear. I'm organised, confident and I'm working on things that actually matter. I am on track for six figures. "

"I have nothing but great things to say about Your Online Team. So professional, so nice and so skilled at what they do."

This is a story about how a busy new dad, fired up to turn his side hustle into a six-figure business, was able to move from chaos, confusion and low productivity to creating a streamlined, organised process-driven business that, with a team of VA's, was a dream to manage. Inspired by a need to care for his growing family, he partnered with Your Online Team to accelerate his results and within a few months transformed his business and was on track to achieving his six-figure goals

Let's hear what he has to say. 

Introducing Steve Mastroianni of Rockstar Mind

Steve started Rockstar Mind to help people learn how to play the songs they love on guitar and have fun while they do it. It began as a labour of love that turned into a side hustle and when he saw the potential for growth he understood that he needed to put the right processes and systems in place. He had heard Kat on a podcast and he knew that the support from an experienced team was exactly what he needed.


"They are so organised and professional. They just get it."

When Steve started working with Your Online Team, he had no team of his own. He was doing everything himself, and didn't know where to start with hiring. He wasn't sure what a team could or would actually do, how to go about onboarding them and then how to actually start delegating the work to them! He also had a growing membership website and he was managing all of the web updates himself.

The key projects Your Online Team worked on were:
  • Setting up Asana as the company's central Project Management Tool
  • Implemented Slack and create effective communication channels
  • Set up company templates
  • Helped him identify what a VA could do to support him
  • Create a solid process for conducting  recruitment "in-house." 

"They work like a COO, taking care of day to day tasks, keeping me on track, and creating and documenting systems."

Over the course of a few months Steve was able to organise and streamline his business and have most parts of it running independently of him. With the business systems in place and a solid team of VA's he was able to turn his focus to driving his business. Working on his business, no longer just in it. 
"Candace and the Your Online Team not just helped me with systems and hiring, they also instilled in me a whole new mindset of how to project manage and stay in the zone of productivity. I have a "post-it" stuck on my desk that says "What would Candace do?" and that helps me to stay on track and aligned. Thank you Your Online Team." 

Comments from the OBM

As much as we would love to take all the glory for a  job well done, the participation of the client can really enhance the experience and impact the results.​​​​

Steve was great  to work with. Here's why: 

  • Teachable - he was always open to hear what we had to say and apply it 
  • Smart - He just intuitively knew what needed to be done and was onboard 100%
  • Flexible and able to assimilate issues quickly and take decisive action.  

Rockstar Mind is an awesome business and it was really fun working with Steve.

Online Business Manager

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